Ms. Adams' Classroom Newsletter

May 2016

Flipped Classroom

During the month of May, students will have Flipped Classroom homework. Flipped Classroom is when students watch a video on a concept and take notes at home. When students get to school, we will take a more hands-on or applied approach by completing activities based on what they learned in the previous night's homework. Students may not have a video every night, but they will have to study their multiplication facts every night. Flipped Classroom allows students to dive deeper into a topic at school and get the whole group instruction at home.

Students should come to class ready to ask questions and apply the concept on a higher level. Our main focus will be on Math skills during this month. Students will already know how to get to the lessons each night, but if they can't access the lesson they will have some time in the morning to view the lesson before class starts.

Parents can also view the videos with their child to see what concepts they are learning or reviewing. Please feel free to e-mail with any questions or concerns. Students will use the website to view their Flipped Classroom videos.

Important Dates to Remember


2 - 6 - Teacher Appreciation Week

5- Interims go home

6 - Robotics Application due for Rising 4th/5th Graders; xP Character Program

13 - Public Library Presentations for Students

25 - EOG: Reading for Grades 3-5

26 - EOG: Math for Grades 3-5; Spirit Night at Pelican's

30 - Memorial Day (No School)


2 - EOG: 3rd Grade Retest for Reading

3 - 4th Nine Weeks AR Celebration

6 - 2nd Grade Academic Awards Ceremony (8:15 a.m.); 4th Grade Academic Awards Ceremony (9:45 a.m.)

7 - 3rd Grade Academic Awards Ceremony (8:15 a.m.); 5th Grade Academic Awards Ceremony (9:45 a.m.)

8 - Last Day of School/Early Dismissal at 11:30 a.m.

16 - Report Cards Mailed Out By This Date

This Month in Our Classroom

Reading: EOG Review

At home, students can use Compass Learning to help build their Reading Skills.

Math: EOG Review

At home, students can use Compass Learning to help build their Math Skills.

Cursive Writing: Cursive Animation (Uppercase) Cursive Animation (Lowercase)

S.T.E.A.M: Ecosystems (Understand How Plants Survive in their Environment)

• Roots – absorb nutrients

• Stems – provide support

• Leaves – synthesize food

• Flowers – attract pollinators and produce seeds for reproduction

Social Studies: Understand how events, individuals, and ideas have influenced the history of local and regional communities.

Writing: Fairy Tales

Check Student's AR Points HERE!

You just need their username and password. Students should be able to tell you both.

About Ms. Adams

This is my tenth year with Gaston County Schools, but my sixth year teaching 3rd grade. I graduated from Belmont Abbey College and I am currently working toward my National Board Certification. I enjoy spending time with family, swimming and reading. Teaching is my passion!