August 24-28

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

News This Week

Welcome to Third Grade! I hope everyone had a great first week.

Forms - many forms were sent home at Meet the Teacher and the first few days. Please be sure to send in any forms you have.

Field Trip Shirts - Our orders are due this week for field trip shirts. Please return orders and $7.00 by Wednesday. Let me know if there is a problem getting this in.

Tests - We usually take a reading test Thursday afternoon. Our grammar and spelling tests are on Friday. Spelling is all 20 words. Math tests are not on specific days. Work done in class may be taken for grades, and students are told when this will happen.

News - If you sent in your email, look for an invitation to join our class Facebook group. I try to add updates everyday.

Classroom Orientation - Thursday - 6:00 - Please Come!

Studies this Week

  • Skills: Realism and Fantasy, Context Clues
  • Phonics: Short vowels with VC/CV pattern
  • Practice at home: Decide if stories are realism or fantasy, find words with the VC/CV spelling pattern, and use context clues to figure out word meaning


  • Practice spelling and writing words. Visit for more practice.
  • Words this week: happen, lettuce, basket, winter, sister, monster, supper, subject, lesson, spelling, napkin, collar, traffic, suggest, puppet, skillet, picnic, planet, system, pumpkin


  • Rounding - We are rounding to the tens and hundreds place.
  • Addition - We are working on rounding, then adding and adding without rounding. Students are reviewing adding two-digit numbers and learning to add three-digit numbers.


Vocabulary words are on our weekly reading test. Students should know what each word means.

  • boom, pick, fetched, skillet, coins, spell, business, laundry, mending

Writing & Grammar

  • Sentences - students will identify the difference between a sentence and a fragment. This is a tested skill.
  • Writing - students will work on writing about the Earth's layers using topic sentences, main ideas, and supporting details


    • The Earth's Layers

    Social Studies

    • We are waiting for our Studies Weekly to come in still. We will continue to review rules and procedures and learn more about our MacBooks this week.

    Contact - - 626-2424

    Important Dates

    26 - Lockdown drill
    27 - Orientation for 2nd and 3rd grade. Please join us! 6:00

    2 - Boy Scouts Round Up - 6:30 - Cafeteria
    3 - Baton Begins for Girls Signed Up

    Classroom Needs

    Students need earphones or earbuds for MacBooks. The school will not purchase these. They need to be left at school.

    Students may bring a standard-size pencil box for their desk if they choose.