6th Grade Wolverine Weekly

Week of May 16th-20th

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College & Career ~ Ms. Parker, Mrs. Dickerson, and Mr. Thames

  • The end of the year is right around the corner!! Please don’t forget about the STEAM Carnival this Friday. Each child’s 4th period class should have a donation box for items to be placed in for the silent auction.

  • In Ms. Parker’s CCS class, we will be completing our PSA video and beginning our Genius Hour project that will carry us through to the end of this school year (and maybe even be something your student wants to continue throughout the summer).

Pre-AP Science ~ Mrs. Goulding and Ms. Mondon

  • Monday and Tuesday we will be taking our Semester Exam. Students have been working hard to complete the review.

  • Wednesday we begin our Human Health and Wellness Unit that will continue to the end of school.

Pre-AP Math ~ Mrs. Justice

  • Students will work on preparing themselves for their move to 7th grade math. We will work on some review material and approach the material at a deeper 7th grade level. Students will work on solving equations and inequalities, geometry concepts, and ratios and percents.

Accelerated Math ~ Mrs. Baird

  • Students will focus on preparing themselves for algebra. We will discover how polynomials are labeled, refresh our memory on combining like terms, and learn how to add and subtract polynomials.

  • Students will take a quiz on Polynomials on Thursday.

  • Friday, we will turn our focus on multiplying and dividing exponents.

STEAM Science ~ Mrs. Cornell

  • Monday and Tuesday we will be taking our Semester Exam.

  • Wednesday we begin our Human Health and Wellness Unit that will continue to the end of school.

STEAM Math ~ Mrs. Justice and Mrs. Baird

  • This week students will work on review skills to help prepare them for their move to 7th grade. We will be reviewing integers operations, fraction operations, and solving equations.

Humanities ~ Ms. Curtis and Mrs. Lindamood

Students in World Cultures are working to conclude our study of Asia. Our test on India and China will be Monday, May 16. Look for the review on Google classroom.

In ELA we will be finishing research on one of 5 hot topics in China (government, environment, production, renewable resources, or culture/religion). The students have chosen which topic they want to research and have begun that process. This week the students will be taking the research they have compiled and creating a propaganda poster, sending a message to the Chinese people about their topic.

  • Monday-Wednesday: Students will begin drafting and designing their posters, completing the design by the end of class Wednesday.

  • Thursday: Students will write a brief explanation about their propaganda posters on paper to attach to the back of the posters.

  • Friday: Students will practice their listening and speaking skills to present their propaganda posters to the class.

Art ~ Mrs. Bishop

Students will be completing their art history image combining and research. They will present their products to their classmates. When they finish, they can start on the final review and their final make your own art projects.

Art ~ Mrs. Dickerson

  • Students will be finishing their pop art selfies this week. On Friday we will have a class critique and review the process.
  • During warm-up this week students will be reviewing each element of art for the final.

Beginning Band ~ Mr. Sypert

Hughes beginners will have practice on Monday and Tuesday this week after school from 5-6:15PM. Their concert will be on Thursday night at HMS. Details about their performance times will come during their first rehearsal.

Kerr beginners will have practice on Monday from 4:15-6pm, and their concert on Tuesday night 5/17.

PE ~ Coach Woolsey

  • Students need water bottles and their PE uniform Each day until the end!!

  • Weather permitting this week: ultimate frisbee, noodle hockey, and “Rip City”

  • Health lesson on “Sugar” content

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