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Nothing but true news! This is Courtney and Maddy speaking to you with all true news. All news comes from direct sources and nothing is based on opinion.

New Expedition Updates

Oh my Ra! Ever since last year everyone has been fighting to get these new bananas. They never go out of style. Thank to Hatshepsut. These bananas are giving our economy a good boost, and these bananas really showed us that Hatshepsut is capable of the responsibilities that a male pharaoh could do. Check back next week to see some new discoveries.

Some of Our Top Jobs

Job Offerings

Scribes, priests, and farmers. These are all jobs that you could be the one to have. This is a good opportunity for YOU to get some "gold" (if you know what I mean). If you just lost your job, then this is the article for you. If you really want you can have one of these jobs, but working for one specific person. If you really want a good deal then work two jobs not one. I guess you won’t be bored during the week. Come back soon to see more job offerings, and maybe the next article will be the job for you.


This coming year the weather will be hot, hot, hot, like always. The average temperature is estimated to be about 33*C (91*F). So good luck farmers because this is gonna be a tough season.


Want to hear deep secrets about our civilization, or better yet Hatshepsut. This is the scoop. Can you believe Hatshepsut is a pharaoh. Ever since she brought bananas some people liked her a little bit more. Hatshepsut dresses like a man. She is making a huge fashion statement. This fashion statement is her way of telling you she can be a pharaoh because a woman dressed as a man is something you hear everyday. But now there is more to it. The other day we got an anonymous caller telling us Hatshepsut's deepest secret. Thutmose II was cheated on, local people say a commoner construction worker has gotten between the king and her queen. No wonder they never worked out. Could this have something to do with our precious Thutmose's death? Could there be another side to this 2 faced secret.

I can't believe this is the first we have been hearing this. Past references have talked about Hatshepsut having something to do with the death of Thutmose II death, but now we're hearing it all links to Hatshepsut being Pharaoh, too!

Want to know how we are so on top of things? Well, I have an answer. Many citizens from around Egypt have written to us from everywhere giving us tips to the truest and the juiciest stories.

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Going on a long expedition, need to cross the desert. Courtney's Camels has many big and small camels. Camels are perfect for crossing the desert and now there's a camel for you.

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