My Sister's Keeper

Jodi Picoult


Anna was born to serve a purpose in this world, to mend the life of her older sister Kate as it was slowly diminishing. Kate had been diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia at age two, a disease that never promised survival and demanded precise treatment. As a result, Anna was conceived as a bone marrow donor for Kate, a scientifically engineered genetic match to Kate. So for seemingly all of her life, Anna Fitzgerald has acted as a supply cabinet for Kate during her many relapses, trapped within the life of her sister and experiencing the same trauma right alongside her. Up until now, she has been completely fine with contributing to Kate's treatment, imagined her life no other way. But as she neared her teenage years, she began to discover her life behind Kate's and believed she could not pursue it without abandoning her sister. Anna's solution: filing a lawsuit against her parents for the right to her own body, medical emancipation. With all this in mind, Anna knew Kate would die without her as a donor, especially because she was in deep threat of a kidney failure. With a series twists and turns and mixed reactions about the lawsuit, Anna struggles to maintain family harmony and nearly seperates from her mother entirely. Her attorney, Campbell Alexander, also brings some drama with his connection to Anna's guardian ad litem, Julia Romano. And eventually at the trial, extremes revealings leave some heartbroken yet bring them closer. Weaved with feelings and thoughts of love, acception, and embracement of reality, My Sister's Keeper inherits a vibe that leaves the audience with pure gratitude.
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Down in a small village of Providence, Rhode Island, a family of extreme abnormalities finds their way from hospital, to chaotic household, all the way to burning buildings. And with a rotation of voices, we hear from the Sara of the past to even Jesse and his uncontrollable addictions.
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The Voices

Among the range of voices we hear from throughout the tale, some of the most prominent ones include...

Kate Fitzgerald She is initially the center of it all, where the story first sprouted. At age two, Kate was diagnosed with a rare and incurable disease: acute promyelocytic leukemia. With guaranteed death around the corner if a bone marrow transplant was unlikely to work from a non-relative, Anna was conceived as her genetic match and lifeline donor. Throughout a series a relapses routinely occurring, Kate never really had the chance to enjoy life as it should be, and despite her family's encouragement and TLC she was tired of the endless suffering and fear of dying any minute. Even though Kate is the strive of the story, the only time we hear her speak is in the Epilogue.
Anna Fitzgerald She lights the fire, is the face of the conflict itself. We are introduced to Anna as the shadow of her sister, a tool to repair Kate's broken parts. As she nears her teen years however, and begins to discover herself as an individual apart from Kate, she wants to be free of donating to Kate, and feels filing a lawsuit against her parents is the way to do it. With nobody on her side but her brother, Jesse, and attorney, Anna is fired with criticism from her parents for pulling such an act just when Kate needs her most.
Sara Fitzgerald The mother, the enemy of it all, Sara Fitzgerald is causing more damage than that she is trying so unsuccessfully to prevent.

About the Author

With fourteen million copies of her novels printed worldwide, Jodi Picoult is far from just a small time writer. A best selling author of twenty-three novels, she never fails to impress her audience.

“Picoult is a skilled wordsmith, and she beautifully creates situations that not only provoke the mind but touch the flawed souls in all of us.” — Boston Globe