Weird Wacky Winds

Here is my Flyer for Winds and Breezes By: Zachery H.


Wind is the movement of air caused by differences in air pressure

The Greater the difference, the Faster the wind moves

Differences in air pressure are caused by the unevening heating of Earth

•Uneven heating produces pressure belts which occur every 30° latitude

Local Winds

Generally move short distance and can blow in any direction

Caused by geographic features that produce temperature differences

Local winds are created by uneven heating of the earth

Sea Breeze

High pressure is created over the ocean during the day and low pressure over land due to uneven heating.

Air moves from the ocean to the land creating a sea breeze.

Land Breeze

A wind that blows from the land toward a body of water.

The land then cools down more quickly than water.

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Global WInds

Global winds are a system of wind patterns distributing warm air unevenly across Earth.

Global winds are created by uneven heating of the earth. If Earth did not rotate, winds would move from the equator to their respective poles. Because Earth rotates, winds appear to be moving east in the Coriolis effect.


Located along the equator where no wind blow because the warm rising air creates and area of low pressure

Trade Winds

Winds that blows from 30 degrees almost to the equator

They are called the trade winds because of their use by early sailors

Polar Easterlies

Wind belts that extend from the poles to 60 degrees latitude

Formed from cold sinking air moving from the poles creating cold temperatures

Prevailing Westerlies

Wind belts found between between 30 and 60 degrees latitude
Flow towards the poles from west to east carrying moist air over the United States

Wind #4: Global Winds