WCB Tutoring Week One

Miss. Velazquez

All about me:

I am so happy to be working with your children. My name is Miss Velazquez and I am a first grade teacher here at WCB. Any questions please dont hesitate to ask.

Skills to Work on:

  • Comprehension
  • Asking Questions
  • Making Connections

Tools to use at home

Raz Kids

Allows your child to read at his/ her current level.

Accelerated Reader

Allows you and your child to find just right books.

Spelling City

Allows students to work on spelling skills.

Reading Strategies

Eagle Eye: Look at the picture for clues.

Skippy Scott: Skip the word, read to the end of the sentence, skip back and read the sentence again.

Stretchy Snake: Stretch out the word slowly and put sounds together. Tap out the word if you can.

Tryin’ Lion: Try to re-read the sentence/ read on- try a word that makes sense.

Chunky Monkey: Chunk the word. Look for a chunk that you know.

Lips the Fish: Get your lips ready – say the first few sounds of the word. Read to the end of the sentence and say it again.

Helpful Kangaroo- After you have tried all the strategies, ask for help!