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to ensure success for all learners - April 2017

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EdTech Take Out

Join Mindy and Jonathan as they talk technology in education!

EP23: Coding With Samantha Dahlby

In this episode Mindy and Jonathan talk about the new iPad and a few other Apple anouncements that are pretinent to educators. They talk coding in the classroom with Samatha Dahlby (@dahlbys) from NewBo Co. and roundup the episode with some fresh tech nuggets and top podcast picks!

As always, there are tech nuggets and a few laughs being shared along the way!

Email the show, or send a voice memo to, and see show notes with all the links from this episode at

Think, Make, Innovate

Amber and Jason team with local classrooms to complete a makerspace challenge. Each episode includes curriculum connections!

Think, Make, Innovate: Zipline Cars

This challenge focuses on prototyping a zipline car that can an army man to its destination. The creativity from 2nd and 5th grade students at Buford Garner Elementary are on display in this episode. We would love to see what you make! Join our Maker Community by sending us your photos or videos through social media and tag @dlgwaea or send an email to and we will post them on our website, #havefunmaking

Our Resources

Our Lesson Plan

American Society for Engineering Education

Zipline Racers from Instructables

Bird Races for Ordinary Magic Life

Think, Make, Innovate: Zipline Cars
Learn more about TMI Week and Register

Call for sessions is now open if you want to share!

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Think, Make, Innovate Week 2017!

The week of June 26th, Grant Wood AEA will host a week of making with two opportunities for learning!

The week will kick off with our first learning opportunity, a two-day conference to allow educators opportunities to create, connect and get inspired. A wide range of topics will be covered to get your creativity flowing! Come learn about how makerspaces are being used to foster the 4Cs and promote project-based learning in the classroom.

Think, Make, Innovate: Experience is a three-day immersive experience are made up of half-day, in-depth workshops designed to give you a hands-on experience to tinker with tools, expand upon ideas and collaborate with the community of colleagues and presenters.

Building Bridges Technology Conference

Tuesday, April 25th, 8am

4401 6th Street Southwest

Cedar Rapids, IA

The “Building Bridges: Eastern Iowa Assistive Technology Conference” will provide an opportunity to see first-hand the latest in assistive technologies (AT), practices, and services for school-age students with disabilities. This AT conference will serve as a unique opportunity for professionals, parents, administrators and service providers to exchange and gather information on the current status and assistive technology tools available for consideration.

2017 Building Bridges Conference Flyer

Registration is open.

  • Educators in Grant Wood AEA area, Total for non-credit $ 75
  • Outside of Grant Wood AEA area, Total for non-credit $ 100
  • Registration is not complete until all fees are paid in full.

YouTube in the Classroom

With over 6 billion hours of video watched each month on YouTube*, this video service is quickly becoming a popular venue for education content, delivery, and construction. In this 3 day course, participants will learn how to navigate this reservoir of content safely, upload and edit their own video content, and to effectively organize their videos for maximum educational impact. Participants will align these skills with the Iowa Core (specific to their area of instruction) and 21st Century Technology Skills.



05/03/2017 & 05/10/2017- 8:30 AM-4:30 PM - Face to Face
05/17/2017 - 4:00 PM-6:00 PM - Synchronous Online Learning
Face to Face sessions will be at Grant Wood AEA Northern Facility
4401 6th Street S.W.
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404


Individual(s) responsible for integrating technology tools into their curriculum; PreK-12 Teachers, Curriculum Directors, Technology Directors, Administrators


Course Number: 4681-16-02

Registration Link:

Iowa City Summit Featuring Google for Education

Iowa City Community School District and Grant Wood AEA are excited to host the Iowa City Summit Featuring Google for Education. This summit will be a two-day, hands-on conference focusing on integrating Google for Education in K-12 learning environments. Presenters will include Google for Education Certified Innovators, Google for Education Certified Trainers and local Googley talent! We are excited to Steve Dembo deliver this year's opening keynote!

Call for sessions is now open and more information can be found here.

August 7 & August 8 8:30AM-4:00PM

Liberty High School

$70 for two days of learning (lunch included)

Professional Learning In the Works

These options are getting prepared and more details are coming soon. Please contact your digital learning consultant if you are interested.

Taking VR & Google Expeditions Further

Virtual reality has opened up a world of experiences for students. Immerse yourself in experiences you never thought possible! This course will provide the opportunity for you to learn how to guide your students through Google Expeditions. Participants will be introduced to a variety of resources to consume virtual reality content and the tools to create virtual reality experiences. Delivery of instruction will be through face-to-face time and online coursework. This course is required to check out the Google Expeditions kit.

***This course will have credit options and by completing this course educators will be eligible to use the GWAEA Expeditions Kits.

Foundations of Digital Citizenship

This course is designed for educators who would like to develop the skills necessary to begin using technology in their classrooms. This is an introductory course. It is specifically designed for teachers who want to take the first steps towards integrating technology into a K-12 learning environment. Participants will learn how basic technology can facilitate learning and increase collaboration and creativity in the classroom. Participants will also build knowledge of the Iowa Core Curriculum and 21st Century Technology Skills.

***For more details contact your digital learning consultant. Credit options will be available and a majority of the course will be online.

Students are taught how to act respectfully online

Our AEA BrightBytes scores indicate 54% of students are taught how to act respectfully online weekly or monthly, but 20% aren't.

Help students articulate what they know about digital citizenship through multimedia projects like those found on Common Sense Media. Start by having discussions with students about what it means to be a good digital citizen and brainstorm the topics that they think are at the forefront of the school community. Have them use the Common Sense Media videos as inspiration, and make arrangements for them to conduct interviews or create another form of public service announcement that will be shared with the school community or beyond. Learn more about Digital Citizenship coming soon at GWAEA!

Why This Matters

“Instead of restricting access, we should educate young people to participate [in the digital world] responsibly, ethically, and safely. Through proper use of social networking sites, students learn social media etiquette and cultivate their digital citizenship” (Wang et al., 2013).

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Please contact your digital learning consultant in your district is interested in getting their Brightbytes- Clarity data.

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About Us

The Grant Wood Digital Learning Team works with AEA 10 schools to help them integrate technology in the classroom. We work with teachers and administrators on-site, and at Grant Wood facilities. Each school district is assigned a Technology Consultant from the Digital Learning Team to help facilitate the ways in which we can help schools improve teaching and learning with technology.