Ryan Landy

February 2016 Student Portfolio

English III

Ryan has been a lot less focused lately. He rushes his written work and when he misses assignments he doesn't put the time in to catch himself up. Ryan is extremely talented in the arts and I thoroughly enjoy working with him on monologues, and improve. I'd like him to take more ownership of his writing assignments.

Math for College Readiness

Ryan has been attentive and focused. When he questions he is specific and is able to complete his tasks when he follows an example. He performed well on his demonstration of understanding of quadratics. As we move on to simplifying radicals and radical expressions, I observed him totally focused on his assignment not allowing himself to be distracted by his classmates.
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U.S. History

Ryan is doing well. We are working on his motivation, and “he is stepping up to the plate” and getting his work completed in a timely manner. He is a fine student of history and has excellent analytic and critical thinking skills. We will be concentrating on expository writing and presentation skills this semester. Ryan definitely needs to work on word choice, formatting (citations), and using evidence to back-up his statements in his written work and we will be focusing on these elements of his writing. Ryan has good presentation skills and we will work towards making them stronger and more polished.



In this class we are learning about the Environment in relation to Florida. We do current events so the students can know what is happening in the news for the week. It is a pleasure to have Ryan in my class. He does procrastinate to complete the assignments in class. I am working with him so that he can complete his work on time.

American Government

Ryan is progressing well in American government. At the present time, he is completing a web quest, which requires him to read the U.S. Constitution and then write and illustrate a book for individuals who are not familiar with the American form of government explaining the Constitution and its purpose as a framework for our government. I look forward to reading his book when he completes the assignment.
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US History Arts Integration

In US Art, we have chosen the great American illustrator, Norman Rockwell, to help us explore our personal and family values. We are utilizing his illustration techniques to complete our own illustrations. He used photographs and sources for all of his imagery. Ryan is adding, as usual, his personal touch on the Norman Rockwell painting he chose. And that's a good thing, regardless of how controversial an image might be, having a definite, confident voice is a good thing.

Ryan's Update

Total Documented Community Service Hours For This Year: 9

Ryan has currently logged:
5 absences and 7 tardies from mathematics class
6 absences and 3 tardies from English class
3 absences from Biology class
4 absences from US History class
5 absences from American Government Class