Mr. Korn's 3rd/4th Grade class

The Second Continental Congress Meeting!

The New Social Studies Unit!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In the next month of school, your child will become active delegates in the Second Continental Congress Meeting. Your child will create a character and at the end of this unit, they'll take part in a reenactment of the meeting.

This will be a fun and engaging opportunity for your child to take part in history. Teaching social studies is something that I have a passion for as many of you may know. When students learn social studies, they develop the skills necessary to be informed citizens in our society. In learning the Revolutionary War, students will begin to understand the information for what our country was founded on. I will be focusing in on one aspect of the War because in future years, your child will be learning in more detail about different aspects of the Revolutionary War.

Over the course of the unit your child will develop skills in learning how to research, how to actively pick out information that will help support a position, and learning how to write an expository paper. Other skills your child will develop is learning to work in groups as the final assignment will be a group paper. Throughout the unit I will work closely with your student and make sure that he/she understands the information that we are discussing during class.

I invite you to come into our classroom when we have our meeting and see your child in the debate process. More information will be available as time gets closer.

Parent Participation:

For this unit,

-Watch a movie that explains the Revolution War and have a discussion at the end of the movie about important facts and figures that were explained in the feature. There is a worksheet for you and your child to fill out together. It is down below. Some movies include: The Patriot, America the Story of US: Episode 1, 1776, etc.

-As I have stated before, I invite you to come either to the meeting or the 4th of July Celebration that will take place the following day to wrap up our unit on the struggle for Independence.

-Lastly, I am sending home a creative Korner worksheet, when we start discussing writing and organizing, I am asking the students to become creative and write a well organized paper. For you as parents, I am asking that when they have completed their story to look over the assignment and make sure that there are vocabulary words, organization, and conventions are correct.

-Feel free to contact me via e-mail with any questions or concerns.

-Mr. Korn