Maillet's Kindergarten Newsletter

Week Of March 31,2014

Highlights From Last Week

I hope you all had a wonderful week! I am sorry that I was out of the classroom so much this week. I was in and out of meetings most of the week. I have a similar schedule this week, but should be back to normal next week! My absence did not hinder our learning, we worked just as hard and produced some quality work! Last week was a review week. We "tapped" out letter sounds, practiced nonsense words, reviewed our letters and sounds, and did some wonderful writing. Our featured author/illustrator was Kevin Henkes. The children loved his stories and learned how good readers think while they read. We also created class books with the writings from the stories we read.

To view the video, just touch the picture and it will bring you to a site. Press the play button and you should be able to view it.

What We Are Learning This Week

In ELA, we will be focusing on letters W and Z this week. We will be "tapping out" words this week. This is a technique used to practice breaking words down by their sounds. This skill helps us to be better readers and writers! We will also practice reading nonsense words.

In Math, we will be focusing on building numbers 10-19 using ten frames. For example, ten is made up of 1 ten and 0 ones. Eleven is made up of 1 ten and 1 one. We will be building teen numbers with ten frames this week. We will also learn how to write a ten frame teen number by covering the zero in the ten.

Reader's Workshop and our Featured Author/Illustrator

Author/Illustrator of the Week: This week we will be focusing on Frank Asch. In Reader's Workshop, we will be using the concept that good readers think while they read. We will be reading several of Frank Asch's books and use them to model this concept. We will continue to compare his stories and talk about their similarities and differences.

Our friend's will also have a writing component to go along with each of the stories that we read.

Books By Frank Asch

Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration will be on March 31 at each of the Elementary Schools. If you have a child that will be attending kindergarten next year, please join us on that date!

Thank you for all that you do!!! Keep up the great work!!