Indigenous Australians



The Wurundjeri tribe lived in the location of Melbourne.The Wurundjeri are a people of the Indigenous Australian nation of the Woiwurrung language group,in the Kulin alliance, who occupy the Birrarung Valley.


The Wurundjeri people used stone axes and mined diorite at Mount William stone axe quarry.


On 6 June 1835 John Batman's treaty was signed by the eight elders of the Wurundjuri people followed by a celebration party dancing a corroboree


The clans of the Wurundjeri people include;

  • Wurundjeri-balluk & Wurundjeri-willam: Yarra Valley, Yarra River catchment area to Heidelberg

  • Balluk-willam: south of the Yarra Valley extending down to Dandenong, Cranbourne, Koo-wee-rup Swamp

  • Gunnung-willam-balluk: east of the Great Dividing Ranges and north to Lancefield

  • Kurung-jang-balluk: Werribee River to Sunbury

  • Marin-balluk (Boi-berrit): land west of the Maribyrnong River and Sunbury

  • Kurnaje-berreing: the land between the Maribyrnong and Yarra Rivers


The wurundjeri people spoke their language from the Wiowurrung language group.