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travel in to Austria

Day 1

When we entred austria at the begin, in a car, i looked up to the mountain and i thougt “what are that mountains big.” After a while we where ad the vacation location. The cleaning lady not ready jet. So we go to the store. At the left of the entre stance a lot of water bottles. I knows at that moment “the water here is undrinkable.” So we purchase directly some bottles. I was verry hungery so where go seeking for a resturant. We get some food (a whole meal at three PM) and soda. We payed and leave to look if we alreadycan entred our bungalo. After a long day we entred our bungalo. I sit down the sofa thinking I can relax. Not true, the car was steel full withe our bagage. I get down to the car, bring my bagage up. Then a make my bedroom ready. Now ready to sit down and relax after a long, long, long day.

Day 2

We stay at the bungalo steel tired of the car trip.

Day 3

It’s Sunday.

Day 4

At day four we went go to the krimmler wasserfalle withe much hope that we make it to the top. At this moment i know that was a really bad idea. We made it but after a hour of two.

Day 5-6

We stay at the bungalo steel tired of the krimmler wasserfalle.

Day 7

We went go to Salzburg and we saw the hous of Mozard Wolfgang.

Day 8

We stay at the bungalo, steel tired of Salzburg.

Day 9

Will be continue.

info austria

Austria light in Europe. Wenen is by far the capital of Austria, as it is the only city with more than 1 million peaple. Austria has about 8 million inhabitant. Onderdan to offer Austria nearly two million refugees. Austria consists of 9 Federal States

1 wenen

2 burgenland

3 karinthië

4 salzburg

5 lower-Austria

6 stiermarken

7 tirol - innsbruck

8 vorarlberg

9 upper – Austria

Austria has a road network of 133.361 kilometers and a rail network has a lengtevan 6024. Typical Austrian dishes include wiener schnitzel, schweinsbraten, kaiserschmarren, Knödel, Sachertorte and Tafelspitz. In Austria keep them from sports. They particularly love snowboarding and ski jumping. There were also in the 1976 winter Olympics. And you have their whole cozy hotels to pause in between. In the town of Werfen you can find the very cool ice caves. This ice caves have an approximately 40 km long labyrinth of corridors. By melting water and the wind that hunts through the tunnels, these ijstunnels with ijsfiguren. The capital of Austria is world famous for its classical music, Mozart, Beethoven and Empress Sissi. This is much to be found in this city. You will find also a lot of old but also new buildings. The most special sights include Schloss Schönbrunn Tiergarten Schönbrunn Palace with Sissi museum, oldest Zoo, Museum Quarter and the Vienna State opera. St. Stephen's Cathedral is the largest Cathedral in Vienna and the seat of the Archbishop of Austria. With its 107 metres of length and 34 metres width is this indeed a very large construction work. This Cathedral will certainly impress you with its architecture and splendor.

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