Negative Leaders Impact on Society

BY: Marissa Cummins, Casey Coomer and Shannon Kramp


Cassius, Bashar al-Assad and Joseph Stalin were/are great leaders. However, they decided to take a negative route. Cassius persuaded Brutus to join him and others in killing Julius Caesar. Bashar al-Assad lead the people of Syria to false hope. Joseph Stalin was one of the three main leaders in the start of the Soviet Union and ended up killing many to become the Premier of the Soviet Union. These three men have abused their power.
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  • A leader should have a sense of boldness. To be bold is to not be fearful in the face of possible danger.
  • In the play Julius Caesar, Cassius is a character that strongly displays this quality. During the play, Cassius manipulated the other conspirators to band together and kill Caesar. He waited until Brutus was at “war with himself” and once Cassius knew he was vulnerable, that’s when he conducted his objective.
  • As a result, the commoners rioted and plotted revenge, causing death not only among the conspirators but innocent men as well. In the end, Cassius killed himself in battle for fear of “defeat”. Cassius’s actions led to many deaths throughout the play including his own. By influencing the other accomplices, Cassius was able to execute a major leader and society was in a state of turmoil.
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-Vision is very important when a group of people are deciding who they want to lead them.

- Bashar al-Assad had vision to convert Syria into a democracy and have a cultural revolution take place.

-He gave up and went back to Syria's dictatorial ways just like his father.

-Its' great for a leader to have vision, but not if they do not follow through thus giving false hopes to the people.

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  • One quality of a leader is confidence. Joseph Stalin was always confident in death as a solution. As exemplified by his famous quote: "Death is the solutions to all problems. No man - no problem."
  • Stalin ruled with an "iron fist." Many people were killed in his "reign of terror." Once Stalin had his power anyone who refused to hand over their land were executed.
  • When Stalin was dead there are and estimated 500 people that dies just trying to get a look at his corpse as prove that he was indeed dead.
  • Many leaders use confidence as a way to gain power; however, Stalin's ways led people to cheering after his death.


All these leaders have one thing in common, and that is that they all used their power in a negative way. Cassius was bold in manipulating conspirators in killing Julius Caesar, however he ended up dead himself. Bashar al-Assad had a vision in making Syria into a democracy, but he just gave up and led everyone to false hope. Joseph Stalin had confidence in ruling with an "iron fist," but left no one behind to morn his death. There are many great qualities to a leader, but it is how they use those qualities that impact the society.