Roberto clemeta

By L.Hunt May 2016

Early Life

Roberto Clemente was born in 1934 on August 18. In Carolina Puerto Rico. According to I am Roberto Clemente he dreamed of playing baseball. Also he didn’t go to college because he had to work around the house because his parents needed some help. And after all that he started to play baseball. And they did not play with a baseball or a bat they played with a can and a broom stick.


Roberto Clemente got a tryout for the Puerto Rico Winter League. And a lot of scouts went to his games. And after the game one scout came up to him and asked if he wanted to play for the Brooklyn dodgers. And he said yes. But after spring training he gets traded to the pirates and he dose awesome there in Pittsburg he won a lot of awards. Like MVP, Silver slugger, gold glove and he made it to the hall of fame.


Roberto Clemente was a slave at one point and it was hard for him to do stuff. Because people would make fun of him and bully him because of his color. And in games it was hard but he still played to the best of his ability. And sometimes the players would hurt him on purpose. And they would try to peg him on purpose. And they would also distract him when he is batting by saying mean names and he still was the best player out there. But he still overcame it.


Roberto Clementa was the first Latino to play in the major league baseball accusation. That was really hard back then because Latinos and he was Latino so it was hard. He was also the first Latino player to get inducted in to the hall of fame and that was a really big deal. Also he is the first Latino to get 3000 hits before his death and that’s amazing to. He also got 3 mvp awards back to back to back. According to he has 6 mvp awards in all.

Fun Fact

Hes named after a bridge and a street