*Juvenile Probation Officer*

Dulce Nancy Munoz

Job Description

As a Juvenile Probation Officer, you will observe and counsel youths, who have been convicted of crimes, to ensure they no longer break the law. You will also evaluate cases and make recommendations to the court to determine appropriate case disposition.

Job Duties

  • Meet with family, and school on a regular basis
  • Schedule drug testing and searches of juveniles room regularly
  • Prepare and deliver reports to the court
  • Update the judicial system on the youth's progress


Payscale.com reports that as of November 2011 the bottom 10% of juvenile probation officers earned an average salary of $25,993, while the top 90% earned $57,387.


  • Start as an intern, it is very important that you have some kind of experience in counseling, social worker or criminal justice.
  • Some states require you to pass a test and get a license
  • At least receive a bachelors degree
  • At least of age 21 no older than 37
  • Be able to work with all different kind of offenders