summer reading by Devin Giannini

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time

Character Analysis

The curious incident of the dog in the night-time, by Mark Haddon, revolves around the main character, Christopher Boone. He is a 15 year old boy with Asperger's, he is a big fan of mystery books, math, reading, and science. he does not like the colors brown and yellow. He lives with just his father, because 2 years ago, his father told him his mother died. he is logical for the most part, and very persistent. He likes animals. he doesn't believe in god and heaven, but he believes in science. He feels he must catch who killed Wellington, the neighbors dog who he found dead one night.

Ed Boone is the father of Christopher. He owns his own business. He is a mostly level headed guy, especially with Christopher. He's a bit Secretive and he bottles a lot of things up.

Summary of The Book

This book is mostly about life through the eyes of Christopher Boone. How he does things day to day and how he thinks. It's also about the death of Wellington, but that's more of a subplot as the books goes on. In the book Christopher talks about equations, his views on constellations, and what he thinks about people in general. He investigates the death of Wellington and talks to his neighbors which is some thing he would normally never do but he does it, except the neighbors that do drugs. He's afraid of them. His father keeps pushing him away from the case. So he starts wondering why his father is doing this. He looks through fathers things for clues and found a draw of envelopes. They were addressed to Christopher. He opened one of the letters and it said it was from Christopher's mom, which is odd because his father said their mother died two years ago and these were really recent. He looked through all of them at one point and found out his mother never died just after his neighbor, Mrs. Alexander, told him his mother had an affair with Mr. shears, the ex of Mrs. Shears who owned Wellington. He collapsed after finding out his mother was alive. He got sick everywhere. His father found him with the letters cleaned him up and explained. Then he told Christopher about what really happened to Wellington. His father killed him. Christopher was Scared of his father after this. So he left. He tried to figure out everywhere to go logically. After narrowing it down he chose his mother in London. He took a train got caught by a policeman, and then ditched the policeman. He had finally made to London. He failed to take the subway several times and almost got hit by the train, but he made it to his mothers and Mr. Shears place. He saw his mother she hugged him, but forgot his no touching rule and he pushed her and he fell down. his mother apologized and Mr. Shears let him inside. he told his mother that his father said she was dead and she was quiet. he slept in the spare bedroom until his father came. He tried to go into Christopher's room and Chris pulled his Swiss army Knife out. After the police came and they told his father to leave, Chris had some bad days at his mothers house. At one point there was a bad experience with Mr. Shears where he blamed Chris for everything wrong. His mother took him and left after that. He went back to school when he got back and passed his A-level tests. His parents figured out what the situation was and Christopher trusted his father again over time. Christopher learned from his story of figuring out the case of Wellington, getting to London by himself, and many other things that he can do anything he puts his mind to.