I'm 18 born in 1997. Born and raised in Houston,Tx. I've lived in Colorado when I was a baby but I don't remmber anything that far back. I have 2 dogs first is a husky and second is a Labrador she my baby. I'm a senior at Eisenhower High School if I stay on track I'll be the second high school graduate the first was my big sister Ana k Muñoz.

Future Goals

Finish and be a graduate from Eisenhower. Work for 6 mouths and save up to go to loanstar collage I'm going there to try and get 2 certifications 1 is for mechanics and the second is a welder.


I like working on cars making them stand out from looks to interior. Mainly I deal with instanting electronics. From screen to light to audio. I'm self taught and I'm planing on branching out to learn how to install other stuff from alarms to window tint and more.