When Zachary Beaver Came to Town

By Kimberly Willis Holt


Toby Wilson and his best friend Cal McKnight live in the small town of Antler, Texas. One day, a trailer drives up and inside is Zachary Beaver, the world's fattest kid! Or so he claims. That summer of '71, Toby and Cal are put up with the job of talking to and becoming friends with Zach Beaver. Toby's summer job is to tend to Miss Myrtie Mae's yard work. Also, Toby is struggling with his mom leaving and his major crush on Scarlett Stalling. A tragedy comes about that leaves the town in mourning especially Cal and Toby; Cal's older brother Wayne dies in the Vietnam War. Toby and Cal get into a fight after Toby doesn't show up at Wayne's funeral but it doesn't last long. TIme is ticking for Zachary Beaver because his legal guardian, Paulie Rankin, has run off but is "supposedly" returning and if he doesn't come back soon, Zach will have to be put in a foster home. Zach's only request is to be baptized but he doesn't want a big crowd. Will Paulie return and will Zachary finally get baptized?

Why Should You Read This?

This book is a very good book. The author is different than other authors and she has her own style. This book will make you laugh, cry, smile, and frown. The book was rated 4 out of 5 stars by kidzworld.com. The characters are easy to relate to and so is the setting. It keeps you on your seat and makes you want to keep reading. It has also won a National Book Award and I would definitely recommend it!