Is The Death Sentence Ethical?

Nathaniel Impson

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The Death Sentence, or capital punishment, is a very serious punishment that is reserved for very serious crimes. The question that has been asked ever since it has been put to use: Is the death sentence ethical? I believe so, and hope to prove it by the end of this presentation.



Capital Punishment Is Justifiable

  • Why do we kill people, who kill people, to show people that killing is wrong?
  • This statement misses the point
  • "Whoever sheds man's blood, By man his blood shall be shed."-Genesis 9:6
  • lex talionis; the law of retaliation or an eye for an eye, not literal

3 Words

  • Kill-cause the death of another living thing
  • Murder-the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another
  • Execute-carry out a sentence of death
  • Three different, NON-INTERCHANGEABLE, words
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A brief history

  • Early Civilization-Many crimes were punishable by death. Carried out by crucifixion, beating, burning, drowning, and impalement.
  • 10th Century Britain-Lots of people were executed, some for petty reasons. Carried out by hanging, beheading, drawing, quartering, and burning at the stake.
  • 19th Century-By then some countries had abolished the death sentence, and more people were starting to question it.
  • 20th Century US-The death penalty was reserved for more severe crimes, some states had already abolished it. Sentences carried out by hanging, electric chair, firing squad, and lethal injection.
  • Modern Era-Many countries have abolished it. Lots of people are against it. Mostly carried out by lethal injection.

Capital Punishment is Effective

  • 100% of criminals executed never commit crime again
  • Despite popular belief, there is ONE main purpose for the death sentence
  • The purpose of the death sentence is to punish a criminal for a crime or crimes they committed, and it is effective in doing so

Death Penalty vs. Life Imprisonment

  • Life imprisonment is cheaper
  • Capital punishment is a quicker punishment
  • Both are just
  • Either way the criminal will eventually get eternal punishment
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Capital Punishment in the US

  • Death Sentence was reinstated in 1976
  • 1,389 people have been executed since
  • 22 were under the age of 18
  • 15 were women
  • Kansas, New Hampshire, and the US Military have not carried out an execution since 76, but they retain the right to use it
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  • If ethical is conforming to the accepted standards of conduct, which is the law, then it depends what laws or standards you are going by
  • However, according to the Law it is ethical


Capital punishment is a severe punishment, that is widely debated, but is ethical when served to criminals who have committed certain crimes.
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