Cultural Geography Six Questions

Guatemalan Warfare

Who was involved, Who had the power ?

There were five groups in the Army and the Wealthy, the Guerilla rebellion, the Government, the Peasants, And the U.S. The game started wth the Army and the Wealthy as the most power full group, followed bt Guerilla rebelion, then the Government was tied with the U.S., this left the peasents in last with the least amount of power. this was ranked in MSU's (military service units) and each group would work together to see who had the best intentions for guatemala by trading MSU's and signing treaties. In the end of the game there was no electon because the Army and the Wealthy was tied with the Guerilla rebelion resulting in warfare and the Guerilla rebelion won, killed the members of the Army and the welthy, and took over but america the most powerfull nation in the world didn't agree with Guerillas in what they wanted to do in guademalla so they took over. After America took over they allowed an election and the peasants leader was elected president of Quademala.

How did the balance of power shift and why?

the Army and the Wealthy was the most powerfull orgonization in month one of the activity but this soon changed when the guerillas took MSU's from cuba and rose above the Army and the Wealthy, the changes in power mainly was neck and neck between the Guerillas and the Armty and the Wealthy. The Army and the wealthy earlier was trying to sign off a treaty with the peasants in exchange for their votes in the election but soon was suprised when they were betrayed by them because all of the MSU's wer handed over to the Guerillas, the peasants claim that this is because the boundaries of the treaty were "not specific" and "they didn't breach the constraints". the united States of America didn't have a substantial effect in the game so far but to take over the Army and the welthy needs to have their consent first.

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How was Cooperation and conflict shown?

Cooperation and conflict was shown through treaties, silences, and takeovers. most of the groups made treaties and aliences at the begining of the game expecting there to be an election but as we already know that didnt happen. Month two and three is where most of the conflict and coruption came in. This was caused by people breaking treaties or spreading rumors. In month one a member of the guerilla rebelion was silenced for spreading rumors about the Army and the Wealthy. The next month a group of the Government was silenced so the Army and the Wealthy could show off their power to other groups. in month three america gave the Army and the Welathy 60 MSU's so 6the Guerilla rebelion couldn't take over, this resulted in warfare because the two teams were now tied. the Guerillas won the fight and killed off the Army and the Wealthy, This is what resulted in America taking over.

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What role did the U.S. have?

In the first month The U.S. didn't have any substantial effect in the game the reason behind it is probably because there weren't any groups that tried to take over so the U.S. didn't feel like they needed to step in. The following month the U.S. tried signing off an overthrow card to the Army and the Wealthy but was to late in their actions because while this agreement was occurring Cuba gave the guerilla rebellion 60 MSU's and the peasants also offered them MSU's letting them gain more power that the Army and the Wealthy stopping the overthrow before it could be signed. In the third month the Army and the Wealthy was given 60 MSU's from America this resulted in a tie with the Army and the Wealthy and the Guerilla rebellion.

What happend to Guatemala from the shifting in power?

When the power shifts the main influence of the country will change. This is because each group has different intentions for the country and each group has different things to offer. The Army and the Wealthy wanted to bring piece and have a democracy, the Guerillas wanted to be in charge and would try to overpower any group that was ahead of them, the government wanted to also be in charge but throughout the game just followed the plan of the most powerful group, the U.S. couldn't offer anything but they could have things go their way if they wanted to, and the peasants were the people and were in the most influential position because everyone wanted their votes in the election. This had both positive and negative effects depending on who wanted what and what they would do to let that happen. A positive effect would be when America took over so the country would have a fair way of living. A negative effect would be when the Guerilla rebellion won and tried to take over by force.

How it all relates to me

A relation ship that I have with conflicts and cooperation's is with my little brother. Some cooperation's we have is with what we want for dinner, or who gets the TV when, and who gets the fan what night. most of all we have conflicts thought. Some example of this would be one time when I was watching TV in my room he walked in, shut the light, locked the door before closing it, and then started banging on it screaming to my mom that I wouldn't let him in. Me and my friends also have similar relationships. Their is conflict over what we order if we sleepover, or what were going to do on a day that we want to hang out. We cooperate when we are working together on homework or training with each other for a sport that we do together like track or cross country. Me and my sister share a relationship very similar to my brothers except when we fight its usually verbal abuse and argumentative.