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October 26, 2013

Character Trait Fun!

We have been discussing character traits for a few weeks. Now we are ready to wrap this study up with some FUN! On October 29th, the students will present a character in a bag project about their favorite book character. I will interview them as if they are the characters. In order for us to really get into our character, the students need to dress up as their character as best they can. Props are okay, but no toy weapons, please. They won’t be dressed up all day so make sure they have regular clothes. We have specials in the morning, so we will be dressing up at 11:00 that day. Please help your child plan for this day. I think it's going to be great fun! Let me know if you have any more questions.

Language Arts

This week we introduced features and structures of informational text, commonly know as nonfiction. In the weeks to come we will delve into many different aspects of informational text that will help our understanding. Some of these include main idea and detail, questioning, use of aides, and author's purpose. We'll also look closely at the structures (lists, comparing and contrasting, cause and effect, time order, and question and answer). Sounds intense doesn't it? Just remember: Read, Cover, and Recall. Encourage your child to read a little bit, cover it and try to recall what was read.


We finished our personal narratives last week. For their first piece of writing, they did wonderful. You'll find the narratives out in the hall. From here we are going to focus on writing informational text. Therefore we will be doing a lot of research. Get those computers or library cards warmed up! More info. will be coming home about their first research project next month.

Science and Social Studies


We are working on learning about the habitats of the desert and rainforest. Students will be responsible to know the adaptation of plants in these two habitats. Each student will create a Smore to show their knowledge of one habitat and present it to the class.

Social Studies:

Our focus is on science until the end of the quarter.

This Week's Schedule

Monday Gym and Music

Tuesday: Gym and Library

WKCE - Math

Parent Teacher Conferences PM

Wednesday: Gym

WKCE - Math

Character Dress Up Day

Student Council Speeches

Ice Cream Social @2:30

Thursday: No School

Parent Teacher Conferences AM

Friday: No School