Mrs. Chesworth's 4th Grade Class

Week of November 30th

Report Cards

Report cards will be coming home over the next couple weeks and I wanted to take a minute to explain them in detail. In Fourth grade students will have number grades toward year end standards. This means that each student will have a number based on where they are now. The standards are year long standards so rarely will a student have a 3 or a 4 in the first marking period-especially considering not everything has been taught yet.

Students also will have a letter grade A, B, C, D, F based on their classroom performance. I use tests, quizzes, classwork, participation, reports, etc to come up with their letter grade. If your child struggles to complete work they have less grades in that area due to the fact that they have a 0 for an assignment. I do not hold missed assignments against any students. Each student earns their grade. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to ask.


This week we will be finishing up our units of measurement unit and moving into multiplication. I noticed a lot of students do not have their multiplication fact fluency. This means they cannot, fluently, tell me multiplication facts. This skill is imperative as we move forward in this unit. I will be assigning a math fact family each week for students to work on becoming fluent and assign quizzes. Fluent means students do not need to think about the answer; they have it memorized and can say it instantly. This is so important because as we move into multi-digit multiplication students need to have that knowledge to be successful. Thank you for your at home support in this.

Some great videos to help with math this week:

These videos reflect exactly how we teach math in class. Do not hesitate to watch it yourself, or watch it with your students!!! Some students who struggle a bit more will watch these for re-teaching strategies in the classroom.


This week our story is, Me and Uncle Ronnie. This is a realistic fiction which means it could be true. Our word study words for the week are vowel sounds ou, o.

1. aloud 11. howl

2. bald 12. fals

3. hawk 13. dawn

4. south 14. allow

5. faucet 15. drown

6. proud 16. pause

7. claw 17. fault

8. tower 18. cause

9. stalk 19. amount

10. couple 20. cloudier

Our target skill for the week is understanding characters, and theme.

Important Dates to Remember!!

12/8: Math Night for parents at MPE (please try to attend if able!!)

12/23-1/3: No School: Winter Break


We continue to work on creating a narrative in classroom. We are working on a really good beginning, middle, and end. We have worked on word choice, creating setting, adding more details and expanding text. We will be typing up our first narrative next week. If you are ever looking for something extra for your child to do at home; have them write in a journal each day.