Anton Bruckner

By. Graci kelly

Antons life and carrer

Anton was the son of a village school master in upper Austria. He was a good violin player at the age of 4. By age 10, he was deputizing at a church called Organ. It 1835-36, he studied in Horsching with his godfather, J.B Weiss a minor composer.

After his father died in 1837, Anton entered the Monastery-school of St. Florian as a boy in choir. This splendid Baroque foundation with its amazing Organ was supposed to remain Anton's spiritual home.

He trained in Linz as an assistant schoolteacher in 1840-41. And after holding appointments Windhaag and Kronstorf, he returned to St. Florian as a qualified elementary teacher in 1845.


Anton Bruckner's full name is:


Anton Bruckner's way of music

Anton Bruckner - Symphony No.9 - Wiener Philharmoniker - Leonard Bernstein


You should try listening to Anton Bruckner's music for yourself. Who knows? You might become an Anton Bruckner fan like me.