ACL Tear

Nathan Ballard

What Is An ACL Tear?

An ACL Tear is a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament, that is caused by the tibia sliding foward causing tension in the ACl, eventually leading to a tear. It can be very painful and cause you not to walk and most of the time require surgery.

How it happens

Let's think about a soccer player: he is going into to take a shot and plants with his left foot, suddenly he hears a pop and his legs buckle. He feels a lot of pain and is unable to stand up, what has happened?

He has torn his acl, how did this happen : while planting his left foot his tibia slid foward causing stress on the ACL and causing it to tear


Pain located right below the knee

Can not apply large amounts of weight in leg

Instant swelling

Redness and irritation to the touch

Can do drawer test by setting knee at 45° and pulling tibia foward- this heLPS you examine if the ACl is still intact or not . If the knee moves a lot most likely the ACl IS torn

How to prevent it

The first thing you can do is strengthen your hamstring and quads that way you do not have imbalance. imbalance can cause a tear so try and keep everything in balance . Next you should always stretch before strenuous activity. doing this you can help prevent the possibilities of tearing your acl.