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iBling---top 5---Bling I brought back from ISTE 2014

This summer, I attend my 2nd ISTE conference in Hotlanta! What did I learn?? I learned that I have a foundation but it's up to me to build it up. I can sit back & look at the dirt OR I can amp it up a notch & start building! My thoughts emerge into iBling...iBling for technology, mobile devices in the classroom and web tools that are teacher friendly & engaging for students.

iBling #1 - iBling & Tech Integration with SAMR

In today's world, technology must be integrated into the curriculum. This may be easier said than done! As an educator, I appreciate a clear example of what constitutes technology integration. I was introduced to a more in depth look at the SAMR model, developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura. I LOVE this simple, easy to use SAMR-illustration!
Substitution - worksheet is printed from a computer, completed, turned in
Augmentation - scrap the paper & use a Google form for students to take a quiz
Modification - write about a topic, record the audio, set it to music, present it
Redefinition -
describe the concept via classroom collaboration & video creation

iBling #2 - iBling & AppSmashing

App Smashing is essentially accomplished when students utilize multiple apps to complete a final project. With App Smashing, the camera can be essential tool on the iPad. You don't be app happy...find a few apps that will work across your curriculum & let your students be explorers and creators!
The EdTechTeacher's blog has posted a ThingLink to get you started!
Examples of Apps for Smashing:
Garage Band

iBling #3 - iBling & Web

Webtools are an integral part of an educator's resource arsenal! Download the 60 Webtools Cheat Sheet & you're sure to find something new!
My list fav's:
Padlet (Linoit is an awesome alternative!)

iBling #4 - iBling & Social Networking

Social Networking is a must!! Twitter is to education like iPad's are to Apple!! In other words, one should be associated with the other! As educators, we can get dusty but we can grow & glow professionally by connecting! The beauty of can follow & learn but you don't necessarily have to contribute! It takes the intimidation out of the way & enables you start at your own speed. Sign up today!
My handle is @hcs_tech!

iBling #5 - iBling & You!

Don't ask what technology can do for you---ask what you CAN DO WITH technology! YOU can TRANSFORM the interactive component in your curriculum & ENGAGE your students while encouraging project-based learning & higher order thinking as you PREPARE student's for a technology driven world!
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Tina Faust

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