Oh No! The Tomatoes Gone Bad!

By: Esmeralda and Medeleine

Giant Tomato Eating Live Lettuce

Caught live on photo! Tomato in its natural habitat! It is shown eating its own kind...another vegetable. The lettuce,with no natural defenses, is left vulnerable and helpless to the tomato's attack. Unlike the lettuce,the tomato has arms, nubby as they are. He will use them to strangle the lettuce....and put him in his salad. All tomatoes pile their pray into a pile called their "salad." This lettuce is the last ingredient in his salad, before the tomato must take his own life to become part of the salad. Slowly, the tomato peels each lettuce off of him. Then, the lettuce is eaten alive; the tomato munches on the crunchy flesh. Soon, there is nothing left of the lettuce. It is time for the ritual as old as time to begin; the tomato starts eating itself, and becomes part of the salad.