Mobile Apps in the Classroom

The Must-Have Resources for Elementary Students

Haiku Deck

Grades: 2-6

What does it do? Haiku Deck allows students to create elegant presentations on an iPad, that can be displayed to the rest of the class as a presentation. This app acts as a virtual poster-maker, in which students have the ability to explore the many functions of technology in an educational setting.

How can it be used? A teacher can ask students to use Haiku Deck to create a poster based on the events that took place in the most previous chapter of a book study. Students can then present to the class their creations while explaining their understanding of the chapter.

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Socrative Student/Teacher

Grades: 4-6

What does it do? This app allows teachers to ask students questions, and receive answers immediately. Teachers can post questions as they move through the course material, and will be able to re-explain certain concepts as necessary. This app is great for students in elementary since they won't be scrutinized by their peers on their answers, as the teacher will be the only one with access to the answers.

How can it be used? While teaching a Social Studies lesson, the teacher can create a question based on the subject they have just learned (for example: "How many provinces and territories are there in Canada?") and submit it using the app. Students will then have the chance to answer on their individual devices so the teacher can see where all the students are at.

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Story2go Interactive Book Creator

Grades: 1-6

What does it do? This app gives students the opportunity to create their own strories using an iPad or Macbook. Rather than having students use traditional pen and paper when story writing, they can create a visual representation of their plot and add a written component as well. This can be very useful at the elementary level due to it's simple design and ease of use.

How can it be used? Students can use this app to create a short story on the topic of friendship, and present it to the teacher, using an iPad.

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Agnitus Kids Learning Program

Grades: K-1

What does it do? This app include a collection of child-friendly games and activities that can be incorporated easily into the classroom. These activities promote the learning of young students, in a fun and entertaining way.

How can it be used? Teachers can allow students to choose one game to play for 10 minutes in the classroom. When the time is up, students will have to reflect and share with the teacher and the rest of the class what they have learned while playing the game of their choice.

BaiBoard- Collaborative Whiteboard


What does it do? BaiBoard allows students to create drawings online, and share them with their classmates. Pictures can be drawn on an iPad and can be stored in one place, or shared through a wireless internet connection.

How can it be used? In older grades, teachers can ask students to create stories, using only images. Students will then be assigned a partner to share their visual stories with and together they will discuss what they have drawn and how their drawings represent the events of their story.

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