English 9 Portfolio

William Kelley

Journal reflection

What did you do over spring break?

it was an interesting journal.I think this is my best journal because i got to talk about me.I was also able to make real life connections because it was about my life.In my journal i basically talked about how my sister came down from Wisconsin. overall spring break was over way to fast.

students choice short essay.

Would you visit the past if you could?

Yes i would visit the past if i could.Just because it would be a cool experience. like in the book you shouldn't be aloud to mess with anything because it could alter the future.It would also be cool to meet all the people from the past.That is probably what interests me the most about it.You could see how the people dressed and talked "back in the day".Eventually you would end up going home with a completely different opinion on life then you did before.

What is a hero?

A hero is someone who saves people.Its a person that is brave and willing to put aside his fears to help.You don't have to have superpowers to be a hero.sometimes the littlest things in life are the things that really define you as a person.Like being kind to others and always having someones back in the time of need.Or even as simple as holding the door for someone to walk through. That's what really counts, and no matter the situation anybody can be a hero.

Note to self.

Dear, Cody Kelley

This has been a great school year. I have had a lot of new experiences this year.I think i could have applied myself more this semester though.I guess i'm just ready for summer to be here.Anyway, my favorite assignment we did this year was when we read romeo and Juliet and had to present to the class.My friends Eli and Eric acted out a fighting scene with paper swords and everything, it made me laugh a little bit. Ultimately i'm looking forward to my high school years to come and prepare myself for the future.

sincerely, Cody Kelley