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January 15, 2021

Translation Feature

Dear Edendale Families,

Our newsletter now has the ability for you to translate it into your desired language. The feature is powered by Google translate. To access it, open the newsletter by clicking the link. Then, look at the top right side of the newsletter at the Accessibility Bar and click on the "Translate Newsletter" option. As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Principal Mistee Guzman -

Vice Principal Melissa Virrueta -

Estimadas familias de Edendale,

Nuestro boletín ahora tiene la capacidad de traducirlo al idioma que desee. usando Google translate. Para usarlo, primero abra el boletín haciendo clic en el enlace. Luego, mire la parte superior derecha del boletín en la barra de accesibilidad y haga clic en la opción "Translate Newsletter". Como siempre, no dude en contactarnos si tiene alguna pregunta.

Directora Mistee Guzman -

Subdirectora Melissa Virrueta -

Quarter 2 Ends

The midpoint of quarter 2 is almost here and that means progress reports. But you don't have to wait for the progress report to be mailed home. You can always check your student's grades through the Aeries Portal.

The end of the quarter will be January 15th. There is plenty of time for students to improve their grades. If you or you student has questions on how to get better, please be sure you reach out to teachers through email. They'd be happy to assist.

Upcoming Events

Edendale Family Forum

On January 21st at 6pm we are going to have a Family Forum meeting. During this meeting we will present information on Title 1 programs, how to continue to help your students succeed, and how we can best continue our school/home partnership.

The meeting will be virtual and the link will be available in this newsletter, via text and on our website. We hope to see you then!!


Students are going to embark on a new literary adventure in their English classes. Last week, novels were available for pick up in the drop off loop at Edendale.

  • Sixth grade students will read Killing Season beginning on February 8th,
  • Seventh grade students will read The Outsiders beginning on
  • Eighth grade will read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas beginning on February 4th

Books will be available for pick up on January 20th from 10-1pm if you were unable to get one previously. Different pick up arrangements can be made by notifying your student's English teacher.

You can support your student by giving students time, a quiet and peaceful area to read. Chat with your students about what they’ve read, engage them in conversation about the story. Most importantly though is to give the students a place and time to do the reading.

NWEA Reading Assessment & Math Mid Year Assessment

Students will be taking the NWEA Reading test starting on Thursday, 1/21 in their English Language Arts class. They will begin the Math Mid-Year assessment February 1st in their math class. Both tests re important for us to obtain information on how your student is progressing in their reading and math skills. Please ensure that they attend class and are ready to try their best, independently on the test.

Upcoming Events

San Lorenzo Adult School

The parents and adults of our community are vital partners in our students' education especially during distance learning. The Adult School supports families to improve literacy skills, employability skills or civic participation and enables you to better support your student.

This month, registration for the Adult School is open online from Jan. 11 to Jan. 22, 2021 at 5pm. Registration instructions are in English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese. Each flyer also has a QR code that directs adult learners to the registration page. Registration is online at