Dear Dumb Diary

By: Jim Benton

Smore By: Megan Johnson

Dear Dumb Diary is by Jim Benton and the book is about a Middle School girl named Jamie Kelly and she writes about h ow much she hates most things in her life her BFF is Isabella. Isabella is a mean cold hearted person that doesn't trust anyone (because of her mean brothers) and Jamie's enemy Angeline who is a very sweet person but Jamie doesn't think so Jamie thinks Angeline is trying to steal Jamie's crush Hudson Rivers and her middle school life like how much she hates the schools food plus she has to put up with her moms cooking when she gets home so shes got a crazy life. I like the book because it is funny how Isabella gets Jamie in trouble all the time and somehow they end up friends with Angeline. Also dear dumb diary was made into a movie in the summer of 2014