Mrs. Platz' News

October 9, 2015

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Important Dates to Note

October 19-27 Boosterthon

October 19-23 Book Fair

October 23 Book Fair Breakfast 8-9am

October 28 Mustang Fun Run

October 29th-Fall Party

October 30th-NO SCHOOL

What is new?

What a warm up we had in the weather this week. It was an absolute wonderful day to go on our pumpkin patch.

Conferences are drawing near as well. I sent home conference reminders last Friday. It would help if all parents would return the bottom part of the reminder so I am aware of any changes that need to be made. Please check your time and let me know if there is any problems with it. A reminder it is meant for parents and teachers only. Please try and find alternative arrangements for your child.

Our first class party of the year is coming up on October 29th. We are still in need of parent volunteers. Shirley Curtis is our party coordinator and she will be in contact with those that have already signed up.

I wanted to let you know that we have a new Youth Friend , which is also a parent of one of friends in our class. Shirley Curtis has been coming every week helping with our computer time and now she is officially allowed to help within the classroom in more ways. :)

We are excited and thankful we have Mrs. Field and Mrs. Curtis to help our class grow as learners.

Interventions started this week and a sheet came home explaining each group and what standards they will be working on. We are very lucky to have such great support staff to help us in this matter. We will review these groups as needed throughout the other quarters. The groups will change based on their needs.

Please continue to check your child's folder daily. There may be very important information that need to be returned to school. I know as a parent myself life gets crazy but try and check them as much as possible. Also please initial on the day so I can be sure you are seeing the folder. As well as the behavior sheet that comes home on Fridays. I won't take it out of their folder if there is no initial because I want to make sure you are seeing it.

Sight Words next week: black, orange, white

Words to practice at home: a, and, blue, brown, can, do, go, green, I, it, in is, like, me, my, no, not, pink, purple, play, red, see, the, to, up, we, yellow, yes, you.

Please work with your child on these words. We are trying really hard to know all of these 1st quarter ones by the time quarter ends in 2 weeks. The more words they know the better reader they will be.

Specials Schedule

Monday: PE & Music

Tuesday: Technology & Music (Library Check-out)

Wednesday: Counselor/Technology

Thursday: Art

Friday: PE & Health

What we learned!

Readers Workshop-This week we continue looking at illustrations and their schema to visualize the text. We ended the week working on how the relationship between illustrations in a informational text are important and how it shows us more information to help us better understand.

Writers Workshop- Digging deep into writing and I am finally letting them color. :) Its's huge for them. We have been learning a lot about how detail is important. Detail such as facial expressions, movement of the people in the story, background....Most of them are doing awesome telling me a story that is related on every page of their book.

Math Workshop-This week we talked more about shapes and worked as a team to make these shapes. We are also working composing and decomposing numbers.