Making Math FUN!

November 2016

Resources, links, games, ideas and more.

Based on our discussion and the resources and support identified by you to meet the needs of our students. Please add more to your grade level padlet (see below) to collaborate and curate resources to share.

Manipulatives and Games

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Not exactly a "game" but gives students two options from everyday, real life scenarios to choose from and then justify.
Check out this infographic and links below to get ideas on how to use Legos to teach math!
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Get Kids Kahooting!

An easy way to add some engagement and excitement to your class is to have your students write their own Kahoot questions along with the multiple choice answers. Pick the best ones and play at the end of week!

Music and Movement

Flocabulary - Addition and Subtraction - Know About 10s

PBS Learning Media Resources by Standard

Find videos, images, articles and more by specific standard.

Focus Standards and More Resources

Focus Standards

There are WAY too many standards to try to focus for standard mastery. These documents from Achieve the Core lay out the standards to really focus your instruction of during the year and give you the one or two standards that students must master by the end of the year.

Collaboration and Curation!

Treat these padlets like a grade level Pinterest page (you can even link to a Pinterest page!) and add resources to help support teaching our math focus standards.

Get Googley and Teach Math with Tech

Use Google Forms to help reinforce math concepts in a manageable way. Check out the link below for more information and an explanation on how to get started using them. See an example of a form from third grade as well. Ask Ashley, Sherry, Tracey or Mike about how they are using them in their class!