North Acton Skate Camp

May Half Term Holiday

Roller Skating is Fun and a Great form of Exercise

North Acton Skate Club is a 6 hour course, run over three days, with 2 hourly sessions. The course will deliver, RollaDome Basic Skill Level 1 Competency, which will enable you to finish, confident in manoeuvrability on your skates.

ALL equipment provided, with qualified experienced coaches, this intensive course, will be fun, active, and a great way to start a new recreational activity.

Camp is open to all ages, and abilities from aged 4 years old.

North Acton Skate Camp

Monday, May 29th, 12-2pm

For more information, visit the event page on Eventbrite.

What will you learn?

1. Skate forward unassisted for a minimum of 50 feet.
2. Be able to stop without using the barrier or walls using first the right foot and then the left foot.
3. Perform a ‘SNAKE’ pattern forwards.
4. Be able to touch toes whilst moving.
5. Be able to perform a tuck (‘little man’) on two feet.
6. Be able to balance on the right and left foot.
7. Push off form wall and make ‘SNAKE’ pattern backwards.
8. A two footed jump on the spot.
9. A two footed jump with half a turn on the spot.
10. Hop from right to left & left to right on the spot.

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