Art for Class

Jared Gillett

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14 Objects

This is my 14 objects work in art class, I think that this was one of my favorite project because it had you use your imagination. Also, as the title says, you have to put in 14 items that were listed.

Spiral Line Design

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This has to be one of the most frustrating things to do. You have to create a random line with twists and plot out dots on the lines. One of the hardest tasks was connecting all of the lines to the right lines.

My Name in Perspective

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This was a bad drawing, I think that I struggled in creating and balancing the lines. I loved the idea of making 3D objects on paper.

My Room Perspective

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This perspective of a room was pretty cool, using the 3D perspective and imagination. This was one of the fun projects that you get to do in art.

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This is a confusing cube that confuses my mind, I don't really know how to explain this because it is complex to make.

Zentangle Art

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This was the last project of the year, so sad and happy because it was a fun time. Anyways, I had to make an animal (It's a fox if you can't follow my drawings) and put in random lines/ doodles to create something fun and cool looking.

My Free Draw

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Don't know what to say, just decided to picture a guy's picture in the 22nd century?


In art I had a blast, there were many things that were hard because it does not come naturally to me. Anyhow, all these projects were so fun to do, I may not be the best drawer but I at least got to be creative. My favorite picture was the Fox Zentanglement. I got to do so much with colours and many other things. One of the most challenging art piece was trying to create the spiral line. This was confusing to follow all the lines and connecting all of them. Many people can see the things that I made in the future and it will help them see who I am. Lastly, I think I wanted all my viewers to see how creative you can be even though you are not good at somethings.