what happens when we exercise?

By Georgina

Breathing - not exercising

What is the circulatory system?

The heart and circulatory system make up the network that delivers blood to the body's tissues. Blood is sent through our bodies, carrying oxygen and nutrients to all of our cells. The circulatory system is composed of the heart and blood vessels, including arteries, veins, and capillaries.
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What is the breathing system?

The lungs and breathing system make up a network that delivers oxygen to the blood and lungs. Oxygen travels down your windpipe and goes into the trachea then bronchi and then alveolus and travels into the blood. We do all of this without concentrating on it as our diaphragm pulls up and down for us to breath.
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Lungs work like a pump but they don't actually have any muscles in them that cause them to contract and expand. For us to actually breath we use something called a diaphragm that sits just under the lungs. Imagine a flat piece of muscle sitting underneath the lungs, this is what your diaphragm looks like when you inhale and there's plenty of space for air to get into your lungs but when you exhale it becomes a sort of ark shape and there's not as much space for the air to get in.
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The heart

The heart pumps blood around the body it has many different sections of which it pumps to the lungs and back and to everywhere else in the body and back

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what does alveoli do?

Gas exchange happens in the alveoli and is part of the breathing system. This is where oxygen and carbon dioxide are swapped in and out of the blood this joins up with the circulatory system and later on the digestive system to create carbon dioxide, water and energy!

What changes when we exercise?

Jane likes to play football...

Jane likes to play football. When she plays football, she uses more energy than usual. Some of her body systems work faster than normal.
TASK: Describe what happens to her circulation system and her breathing system when she plays football. Explain why these changes happen. Draw diagrams to help explain your ideas.
TOP TIPS: Describe what is happening to her body systems, organs and cells.
KEY WORDS: Carbon Dioxide, Diffusion, Energy, Food, Glucose, Heart, Lungs, Oxygen, Respiration, Water.

When Jane plays football

When Jane plays football (or does any type of exercise) she needs more energy than usual, she will have to get this energy through respiration which is oxygen + glucose = carbon dioxide + water (+ energy). She will first get her oxygen through breathing faster as she is needing more oxygen to to go down her trachea to her bronchi and alveoli (which is where gas exchange (oxygen and carbon dioxide) happens) then get into her blood which will be travelling round a lot faster as to get the oxygen and glucose to the muscles to preform respiration quicker as to form more energy for Jane's use. When she ate (maybe before she went outside to play football) she probably ate something called glucose (mentioned earlier) which, with oxygen, create energy. This is what happens to everybody when exercising.