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December 2014

Wow! It's the end of the semester!

You made it! One semester down! As I think about my new position as media specialist I really am in my dream job. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being a part of every classroom, being able to collaborate with you on different projects and classroom events, and sparking kid's interests with new books, literature, coding, technology and more! Thank you for putting up with me so far!

Hour of Code- from Mrs. Glenesk's Class

Project Based Learning- Misconceptions

As we keep our minds on innovative practices and allowing students to drive their learning, I wanted to write about 2 misconceptions of PBL that I struggled with as a classroom teacher: (These come from the book PBL in the Elementary Grades by the Buck Institute)

  • PBL isn't standards based. It focuses on "soft skills", such as critical thinking and collaboration but ignores content.
  • Answer: PBL is standards based- Driving questions are aligned with or even derived from content standards. The major products students create require knowledge from the standards. PBL connects the teaching of critical thinking skills with rich content because students need something to think critically about- it cannot be taught independent of content.
  • A project takes too much time
  • It is true that a project takes time, but it is time well spent. A project is not meant to "cover" a long list of standards, but to teach selected important standards in greater depth. The key is to design the project well so it aligns with standards, and manage it well, so time is used efficiently.

Planning for next semester

I will continue to attend grade level planning meetings. If I have not done a project with your class yet, my goal is to at least collaborate once this year with everyone.

Tech Tuesdays

Tuesday, Jan. 20th 2015 at 4pm


Mark your calendars! I will be talking about how to use Google Drive and answering any questions about your iPad.

Have a great break!

I hope you get some time to relax and spend time with your loved ones!