6th Grade Electives

2019-2020 School Year

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Osceola Science Charter Elective 6th Grade Courses

Dear Parents,

Please see the information below for details on the 6th grade elective classes.

*Elective courses are scheduled for the 3rd period during the day and will start when we move into our permanent location.

Our 6th grade students have an opportunity to choose elective classes provided during the regular school day. Please review the Elective Course Description PDF that was attached to your email before making any selections. They go over the general summary of the different electives that are available. Once you review the electives with your child, choose the top four electives that interest him/her. The 1st choice being their top choice. Please only submit this form once.

Students who need additional math and ELA support, based upon FSA scores, will be automatically placed into the Math Essentials or English Essentials class and therefore may have only one, or no, elective choices. Final schedules will be released on 10/25/2019. The deadline to submit electives requests is Wednesday, October 23rd. Requests submitted after this deadline will still be processed but availability will be based on what remains after those initial requests have been placed.

We cannot guarantee students will receive their top choice so the more electives selected, the better chance they will get in one they are interested in.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Dag at fdag@osceolascience.org.


SPEECH-DEBATE Teacher: Mr. Fewox Students will have a set of portable argumentation and advocacy skills that they can use in a variety of experiences. Students will initially learn about and practice structured extemporaneous speeches with emphasis on verbal and nonverbal delivery skills (organization, projection, inflection, eye-contact, hand gestures, and more).

TEAM SPORTS: Teacher: Mr. John The purpose of this course is to develop the physical skills necessary to be competent in many forms of movement, knowledgeable of team sports concepts, such as offensive and defensive strategies and tactics, and aware of appropriate social behaviors within a team or group setting. The integration of fitness concepts throughout the content is critical to the success of this course. Science Olympiad Teacher: Mr. Ulgut This course is for students who are in the Science Olympiad team. For this course, please visit the following link: https://www.soinc.org/info/about-science-olympiad

ENGLISH ESSENTIALS Teacher: Ms. Arjon Students who received a 1 or 2 on the ELA FSA will be automatically placed into English Essentials (if not already placed in Math Essentials). Students placed in this course will have an opportunity to exit the program. This course is designed as a support course for those that need extra practice in English/Language Arts. The course standards include reading informational texts, reading literature, conventions and writing concepts.

Math Essentials Teacher: Ms. Strain Students who received a 1 or 2 on Math FSA will be automatically placed into Math Essentials. The course standards include problem solving, working with numbers, expressions, and operations, understanding the characteristics of a function, writing and solving linear functions, equations, and inequalities, representing and solving quadratic functions and equations, and making generalizations about data and distributions.

3D Printing and Design Teacher: Mr. McDaniel Students will be presented with everyday problems to discuss and solve as a class. Through these problems’ students will be introduced to the design process and iterative design. Students will use various medium to make prototypes. Through this process students will have the chance to design products that can be used to in everyday life.