Stay Away from the Debt

By: Ava Dages

My Claim

Colleges should lower the price of college tuition because people can’t afford to pay for college tuition , also not enough different types of scholarships are given out , and it will help the economy.

Huffington Post Says

“ $1 trillion in student debt coupled with intense pressure from a variety of sources to reduce college costs has led most of us in the academy to consider ways to enhance affordability” (Huffington Post).

Michelle Singletary who did a studies on the amount of college scholarship money says

“Of the students enrolled full time at four-year colleges in the 2007-08 school year, only 0.3 percent (be sure you read that right: not 3 percent but 0.3 percent) received enough money to cover the full cost of attendance” (Michelle Singletary).

New York Times Adam Davidson

“Workers with more education are more productive, which makes companies more profitable and the overall economy grow faster.” (New York Times , ADAM DAVIDSON)