Skyline Swim Team

Summary Of A Swimmer

Life As A Swimmer

Swimming is such a fun sport especially when

you swim competitively. Swimming is such a

great sport because it lets me meet new people,

it keeps me healthy, and it helps me push myself.

All these things happen when you swim.

One thing swimming lets me do is make a lot

of new friends. On the first day of practice I came

into the pool to put my stuff down so I can go to

dry land. Dry land is when you exercise on the

ground. A girl came up to me and asked” What’s

your name, oh and is this your first year on the

swim team”? I answered” My name is Julia and

yes this is my first year”. I knew right then that I

was going to be best friends with Kate and now

we are. Now I have tons of friends at swimming.

Swimming helps me stay healthy, both

physically and emotionally. One day I was having

a really bad day and was in a very bad mood. I

got to swimming and I jumped into the water and

I felt so much better. When I swim I work really

hard so I get healthy physically too because I

have to work really hard.