Speed is for everyone

Everyone is fast


The audience is for males and females because the picture is saying that males are fast and female are slow. The reason I think this is because the males may resemble the cheetahs and after all cheetahs are faster than people. The picture is being bias because not all girls are slow and not all guys are fast.


One technique that the maker of the image has used is being bias. The reason that the image is bias is because they are comparing a women to a cheetah. If they wanted to make the image unbiased, they could have compared the women to someone that is nearly as fast as her. I do not agree with their strategy and like I have said, I would make it better by comparing the girl with some as fast as her or comparing the cheetahs to someone as fast as them.

Improving the Image

The creator of the image could have made it unbiased by having the women not being sweaty because if the women is sweaty,it makes it look like that she is scared and she may think she doesn't have a chance, so therefore that is how she can make it unbiased. If I wanted to make the ad unbiased I would have made the women not sweaty as well as comparing the racers.