Life Experiences

By: Delainey Neddeau

New Life

Kate Middleton's new royal baby ,Charlotte, was born. Her birth was registered at Kensington Palace by Alison Cathcart.


Over the past two years over 170,000 people in Diffa, Niger have sought refuge. Half of the people are under 18, and a third of them are under 5. Most of them lack basic needs. Boys and girls have lost access to schooling. Children are being separated from their families, homes, friends, and schools.


Most people don't remember their first two to three years of life. Although, our earliest years do effect our later years. Support in early life suggests that we will have a better chance at being successful later in our lives. Parental behaviors are a big influence on our own behaviors growing up. Even though we may not remember these years, they stay wiht us forever.
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Family Vacations

Family vacations are trips most people remember taking part in. Spending time with your family is an important part of life and going on a vacay is a fun way to do it. The top family vacations that will be an unforgettable trip are; a Safari drive, The British Museum in London,UK, sailing in Australia, Ancient rock art in France, and elephant rides in Africa. These are only some of the great family vacations you could go on with your family!


Having a good education will open up many more opportunities for someone in the future, so it's always good to work hard. However, growing up in a good environment helps a ton in this situation. When you get full support from family and friends you are more likely to succeed. Rather than having no moral support raises the chances of failing. Getting a good education is locking in your future so make sure to get a good one.

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At some point in your life time college will be a thing of debate. Things like what college do I want to go to? What skills do I need to get there? What do I want to study or major in? Once you have taken this into consideration and you get into a college, you're going to need some helpful tips on how to survive it. Here are a few you should always follow; always go to class, pay attention to things you will need in later life, get a part time job to keep up with finances, and get to know your professors. Remember that is only a few things you need to get by.

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Love is something most people experience in a life time. One specific story is a little unusual. A man named Schuler Benson was logged onto the Facebook account of a woman named Celeste Zendler by a glitch in the system. The two messaged for months trying to figure out the issue. They continued talking for four years and became close. A few years after they were married.

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Starting a family

Staring a family is a thing most people want to achieve in life. Although, it is harder than it may seem. You must obtain; good source of income, good family environment, paying your dues, support for the child, and a loving home. Those are only some of the few things that go into starting a family.

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Infant disease

Infant disease often occurs in life. Whether it's severe or not, it happens. Specifically Hannah Ostrea. Hannah was born fine, but later they discovered she had an enlarged spleen and extremely low palates. Hannah was admitted to the NICU for two weeks. She was diagnosed with Neuropathic Gaucher's Disease type 2. The doctors have two months to save her life.

Growing Old

Growing old isn't as bad as people may think. Nor is it quite as good. These following are all symptoms of old age; Failing health, inability to live alone, inability to drive, difficulty walking, and memory loss. Those are just some of the basic things you struggle with as you grow old.

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Life has many things in store whether good or bad, but we have to live with it. As you grow you will have a childhood that you may or may not remember. There will be hardship and that's something we can't avoid. Growing up is a big part of life, like deciding what we want to do for a living. Things like starting a family with the love of your life are the good things that are important in life. Getting a good education in order to do what you love is something we all should determine in our life time. Such as, going to a good college, getting good grades, and working towards our goals. Even growing old. We lose some abilities that we used have that we no longer possess. That doesn't mean you have to have a dull experience with growing old. We should be able to go back to our past and remember all the things we achieved while we still had those abilities.