Civil Engineer

By:Bryce VanHemelryk

Overview of Career

In the career of a civil engineer you design bridges and roads that will resist the natural affects like wind and rain. This is an important job to ensure that our roads and buildings are safe and secure.

What kinds of education are needed for this career?

High school classes: Some classes that will be beneficial in high school are Calculus, advanced algebra, and geology.

College classes: Required classes for college would be Bachelors in engineering, and GRE.

Cost of Education and Living

The cost of schooling at University of Wisconsin Madison would be $103,592 but with added costs like food, housing, and clothing it would add up to about $110,642.

$3500 for housing

$2200 for food

$450 for gas

$225 for clothing

Total tuition $103,967

Schooling and living for four years is about$110,642

Although this seems like a lot of money I would apply for loans, financial aid, and scholarships. I would also have a part time job to help with these expenses. I also think that I will definitely keep following this career and pursue my goals on the way.

Websites Associated with Civil Engineer

American society of civil engineers-

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Pros and Cons


-Civil engineers like working with people and solving problems.

-Civil engineers also like working in communities.

-Civil engineers enjoy seeing before and after products.


-Sometimes civil engineers have to work long hours.

-Sometimes civil engineers have to work with political interest groups that they would rather not.

Job Advertisement

If you enjoy making your city better by building and designing roads, bridges, airports and many other things and getting paid to do so, this job is for you! A civil engineer makes an average of $62,840 per year and works mostly inside or in a lab. This job requires a bachelors degree in engineering. I think this job is for you and you should definitely try it out.


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