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Animating Alternative Pitch

Entry to Ubisoft Toronto NXT Showcase: Animation Apprentice

I propose doing a short animated piece with the express purpose of entering it into the Ubisoft NXT Showcase. I would like to create a well polished piece that will highlight my animating skills and my post production skills which will also be showcased on my reel.

The sound clip I will be animating to can be found here:

The style will be along a cartoony line reminiscent of the Ratchet & Clank game and upcoming movie due out Spring/Summer 2016.

I will be using the rigs lowRobo v. 2.0.1 found on Animation Buffet and also Joe of Jin & Joe as I feel these rigs fit nicely with the theme i am going for.

I have also chosen the following colour scripting as illustrated here:

Big image
I've done a quick little movie to test out the rigs moveability which can be viewed below.
very rough storyboard:
Big image