Cru Ladies' Letter

the letter for Cru ladies [that are small group leaders]

A last note to my favorites:

Our year is almost done! It has been an absolute honor to serve as your small group coordinator - you all have done a wonderful job building community and taking your sisters in Christ through the Word. Thanks for all your hard work! To those of you returning next year: get ready for the best year of Cru yet! To our lovely seniors: we can't wait to see you be the hands and feet of Christ in your new locations.

Returning Small Group Leaders:

We have a meeting this Sunday at 3:30pm! Meet in the Luter lobby for a quick get-together with the other B-stud leaders for next year. It's always a pleasure.

Meet the Co's [Melissa & Michaela]

Meet the Co's [LK & SJ]

Just LK things

Much, much love to you all. HAGS! [have a great summer]