MC UP Newsletter

AIESEC Nicaragua

MCP Words

Hello AIESEC Nicaragua! Here you can find a resume of our work of the Month.

Our GCDP performance of this month shows:

- Our biggest growth with 600% was in Match, we will soon see this impact in our goal achievement.

- We still have lots of TN and EPs to Match, we need to hurry up in order to take advantage of peak realization.

Our performance in oGIP shows:

-We have a constant behavior in the program we growth in RA and MA comparing to January 2013, we are consolidating the new SU in Honduras focus on oGIP so we are expecting better results on the upcoming months.

MCP steps of this weeks:

-This weeks are time to accounting and audit as we need to accomplish the external audit at the end of February. I will be focus on deliver all requirements on time. Wait for stalking on my side to obtain certain documents to finish account records of 2012 and 2013.

-I sent on time our Membership Criteria Wiki to AI you can check it here:

-We have our first BOP Meeting.

-I continue in contact with URACCAN Nueva Guinea in order to establish our new SU. I had individual meetings with the 6 interested students of the university.

-MC had re-planning during the second week of January.


MCP 2014.1


  • To Alejandro Sequeira to win a free oGCDP EP fee for his great performance during last semester.
  • To Jorge Gonzalez to have the biggest contribution to our oGCDP exchange goals.
  • To Amie Lam to become official MC member of AIESEC in Nicaragua
  • To Carlos Mena to take the challenge of being the new President of SU- León
  • To Mijail to become new VP TM of SU UCA
  • To Mirley Vega to become new VP TM of SU Keiser
  • To OC Encabe to organize a great event CONNICA 2014
  • To Jose Monasterios to become NST of AIESEC Nicaragua he will help us with fundraising events.

Corner News


  • Congratulations to LC Central with the first match and fast realization!
  • MC brought 1Ma and 1Re in Jan.
  • We still have 12 TNs nationally to for match.

Talent Management

  • We are just about starting the semester, and job descriptions and info sessions are here. We're working on developing better job descriptions, and we are getting into contact with the VPTMs to guide them through the Talent Management processes!


The SU OGX of Honduras is formed by 10 students from the university. They have EB and structure! The President is Ricardo Salinas. Stef went to Honduras to train the team.

We signed a partnership with Copa Airlines! Now, all AIESEC members can get discounts in their flight tickets for al AIESEC activities! (exchanges,international conferences,etc!)

We have an official partnership with American College for OGX and iGCDP!