Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan Dictator


Hugo Chavez was arrested in 1992 for leading a coup attempt. He was then elected president in 1998. Although Chavez did many things to help to poor, such as taking down the other two parties that favored the rich, he passed laws that hurt everyone. He passed a law that gave the government control of the state oil company and expropriation of farmland by the government. When people started to question him he resigned but then when his supporters came back he went back into office.

Informational Piece

This picture shows a lot about Hugo Chavez. It may seem like a silly picture that may not seem relevant to this whole project at all. It shows one thing though. That Chavez knows how to connect with the crowd. That is what brought him back into office even though he resigned. WIthout his supporters he is nothing. Hugo made several decisions, such as allowing the government to control the city oil company, and many people disagreed with everything he stood for. But because he was able to connect with the crowd and sway them in his favor he was able to stay ruler. His supporters are what made his legacy.

Creative Piece

Hugo was a leader

He was a cheater

He used his powers

To control oil towers

He took peoples land

He then got banned

Because people questioned his ways

He should have been tazed

Hugo went back into office

After his supporters said he wasn't a novice

He then got cancer

And went down like a dancer