Newsletter 20th September 2021

Holy Cross Catholic School Papatoetoe

Our Vision: Learning and Growing in Christ

A home is a school of love, where your children learn to put others, and ultimately God, first in their lives. What motivates you as a parent should motivate your children; children love what we love. But often our example and emotional example can undermine our best intentions. We fail to communicate the importance of what is good, true and beautiful. We can even fail to demonstrate the joy of a life of generous dedication to God and to others. This week, let’s look at some very practical ways to examine and improve our own example, particularly emotional example, in order to effectively motivate our children. This link below from Cathkids is well worth viewing and reflecting upon:

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School Information for Alert Level 3

The quick move to Level 4, high volumes of testing for COVID in the community, extensive wastewater testing, huge numbers of New Zealanders being vaccinated (more than 2.8 million people have now received their first dose) and an amazing response by Aucklanders to follow the rules at Alert Level 4, has given Government confidence that we might move to Alert Level 3 on Wednesday next week. Until then, we remain at Alert Level 4.

As we are now moving into Alert Level 3 from Wednesday 22nd September, legally you must stay within your household bubble unless for essential personal movement, including going to work and going to school.

All going well, we will be open on Wednesday next week, for only the small number of children of essential workers who may need to attend. As you might imagine, it will not be school as we know it under Alert Level 2 or 1. All our usual safety precautions for Alert Level 3 will be in place which include following all the recommendations from the public health experts.

This means we will regularly clean and disinfect high-tough surfaces, encourage everyone to frequently wash their hands and cover their coughs and sneezes, and keep everyone physically distanced from others as much as possible (one metre inside and two metres outside). We will also keep school bubbles to no more than 10 students. These bubbles will not mix with other bubbles.

Our contact tracing systems will be in place, which includes our attendance register and visitor register, and we will be limiting staff onsite with the majority of our team working from home.

You can also assist everyone’s safety by keeping your child at home if they are feeling unwell and please do contact your GP or Healthline, to seek advice about getting tested.

We will continue to support all children who remain learning from home, through our distance learning programme.

We know how difficult it is trying to work from home as well as support your child’s learning, but please keep your child at home if there is an appropriate carer available. For those of you with no other option, we look forward to seeing your child at school this week.

To help us do this well, below is some key Alert Level 3 information for you:

  • The Prime Minister was very clear in her message: if you can keep your children at home, please do so.

  • We will set up bubbles at school based on the response from parents. There will be 10 children in each bubble.
  • Families will be in the same bubble.
  • Teachers and children will NOT move between bubbles.
  • Each bubble will have their breaks in different parts of the school.
  • Children will not need to bring any devices to school.
  • Children will need to bring in food and drink for the day. There will be NO school lunches or ‘Fruit in Schools available.
  • There will be no face-to-face teaching and we will continue with online learning. Most children in Years 0 – 2 will have received booklets of learning activities which were distributed last week. There will be packs available for those who did not receive one.
  • Children will enter the school through the office and no parents will be allowed on site. We appreciate your support in this matter.
  • We will review and evaluate the bubbles each week.
  • After school, each bubble will be dismissed from different areas of the school. You will receive an email, text or phone call to let you know which area of the school you should collect your children from. No children will be allowed on the grounds before 8.30am or after 3.10pm. The school day will begin at 8.45am and finish at 2.50pm.
  • There will be NO AFTER SCHOOL CARE available for children attending school at Alert Level 3. All children will need to be collected from school by 3pm.

We should be proud of how we have responded to this outbreak, but the mahi isn’t yet done. As you have been doing, please continue to follow all the alert level requirements at Alert Level 4 and stay at home. It is the best tool we have to keep our whānau and community safe.

Financial Assistance

help. Check what you might get ( Please note that there will be a few questions to be answered and it will take about 5 minutes to complete. This is a guide only. If you wish to apply please contact MSD on: or phone 0800 559 009 to talk about exactly what you qualify for and what you need to do.


If you are in need, below is a list of contacts for you:

  • Affirming Works Otahuhu - Food Parcels, allocated times for pick-up only. Ring to do a quick assessments Call 0800 023 3476, Monday – Saturday, 10.00am – 3.00pm Address: 9 Moa Street, Otahuhu
  • Otara Kai Village - Food packages and face masks for people living in Otara and Papatoetoe regions. No registration needed, pick up from 120 East Tamaki Road, Otara, or delivery (pending needs). See Facebook for updates. Lcoated 120 East Tamaki Road, Ōtara, AUCKLAND Ōtara Town Centre (in front of Jetts Gym)
  • Find a Food Bank

Answers to Maths Challenge from Newsletter 13 September 2021

Question 1 - Chloe

Question 2 - East

Question 3 - 10

Question 4 - 1/4

Question 5 - 1053

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Room 2 Stories

Writing from Room 2

The Good Samaritan

The man at Jerusalem then we went to Jericho. But then robbers came and attacked him and tore the man’s clothes. Then beat the man. He was almost dead.

A Jewish first came across the man, then he went to the other side of the road. A Levite man did the same thing. A Samaritan came and helped the man. Then they went to the inn.

The Samaritan had silver coins and gave it to the innkeeper. The Samaritan told the inn keep to take care of this man, and that he would come back and pay for everything. The Samaritan was a good neighbour to the man that was robbed.

By Daniel Moredo R2

Father's Day

On Father’s day we had to tell my dad to stay in his room. While he was in his room, we got his surprise breakfast ready. My dad had two crunchy hash browns, three fluffy eggs and two smooth avocados on toast. We surprised Dad and he was shocked. He said thank you.

In the meantime, I learned how to ride a bike with two wheels like a big kid. It felt amazing. My bike is as tall as the freezer in the garage and it is pink, red, white and blue. I loved father’s day because I got to spend time with my spend time with my family.

By Nahla Siluuga R2


One day my mummy, brother and I went on a walk and we saw a kowhai tree. The kowhai tree is call that because kowhai is yellow in Maori and the kowhai has bright yellow flowers. Did you know another way of saying seed is ovule? There are 2 anthers, anthers are the things that the pollen comes from and they are a bit sticky. A style holds up the stigma.

The leaves surround the whole of the inside. When we got home I took one of the seed pods and popped it open and found some seeds. I am going to plant this seed and see if I can grow a kowhai tree.

If you look around and see a kowhai tree, there may be tui in them. The tui like to suck the nectar from the sweet flowers. The tui is also native to New Zealand. I like kowhai trees because they are native to New Zealand. There are many other native trees. This is one of them.

By Harrison Te’o R2

What Nature Said to Me

Yesterday, my brother, my mum and I went on a walk. We saw a notice saying no fishing or swimming.

Then we saw the pond. The duck said, “Please be careful.” We stepped on the rock bridge.

Next, we saw the same notice but it was not near the pond. It was on a wooden bridge. I said I was nervous because it was my first time crossing the bridge. The bridge said, “Ride carefully.”

Next we saw a park we could not play in. A cloud hovered in the sky. The cloud said, “I will give you ten minutes to go back. I am not happy today. I am sad because the wind keeps pushing me around. I will cry.”

Finally, I saw a daisy field. The daisy said, “Pick me please. I am stuck here.”

So I picked some white and some purple flowers. I loved my adventure. I will go again.

By Asher Neil R2