The Spanish American War

By: Myles Lawson

Cuba's Independence

I am a united states colonists living in New York City writing about cuba. Meanwhile in Cuba there is war and rebellion going on.The United States is involved setting up reconstruction camps for all the unsanitary and unhealthy people fighting the government in Cuba. To keep America informed there will be reporters in Cuba reporting and writing what is currently going on during the rebellion. In Spain there is rebellion going on against the government for the people's freedom. This is happening due to an over ruling government.

Sincerely, the colonist Myles

Trouble with Spain

The explosion of the USS Maine left many Americans wondering what happened. What really happened was an explosion in the engine room causing the USS main to explode into flames. Many Americans influence the government into thinking that the Spanish set mines under the ship to exploded hit. many New York journalist used yellow journalism to help influence the government into war with Spain. The De Lome letter was sent from Spain as a peaceful letter saying that they did not do anything and that it is a misunderstanding.The US government thoughts that the Spanish for tricking us so they could secretly attack the United States.

Sincerely, Myles the writer

The War

Hello I am a writer from the United States writing about the battles that took place in Cuba. I just got back about 2 weeks ago from the intense battling that has been happening in Cuba. There are many casualties. There has been reports of thousands of deaths starting from young children too elderly men and women. The soldiers that took place in a many of these battles are called the Rough Riders. The Roughriders are volunteer military men on Calvary that fought against the Cuban government. At San Juan Hill the Roughriders defeated the government and further help the rebellion from being in control of the overpowered government.

Sincerely, the Writer
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Cartoons and Polotics

Each character in the cartoon represent a person in the government in the small of people in the cartoon represent yellow journalism since there are more people as yellow journalism the government is persuaded into listening to them.
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