Energy Drinks

By: David Gomez

Are Energy Drinks Good?

Energy drinks are not good because they can cause death, bad health in your body and to your body and they actually don't help you get energy. They will harm your life in many ways. They make you fat. They are scam, fraud and deceptive. They may taste good but are they good for you? When your tired is it safe to drink an an energy drink? Well Lets find out if they are safe. (Own Words)

Causes Death

Caffeine has been linked to seizures, diabetes, heart problems, behavioral disorders and early death. If you have health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, or any metabolic disorder, Monster Energy drinks can make those problems worse. It can ruin your teeth because most of the energy drink contain acid. Drinking energy drinks will raise your heart beat and if it's raised too high your heart can stop, and you will die.

(New Health Guide)

Makes You Tired

Energy drinks make you tired because of all of its sugar. Once your body has used all of the sugar ,you get tired. It only uses all the sugar from the energy drink to boost you but only for a little while. While it uses all the sugar it uses the sugar you had in your body too. So when its all used, you feel tired. So after you lost all your sugar you feel like you need more so you either drink another one or you want to eat (Kevin Pho)

Fatter Not Fitter

The drinks contain so many calories that may be adding to growing obesity because so few children do enough exercise to burn off the calories. And like my last topic. You lose all your energy with causes you to drink another energy drink witch about 200 Calories per can, or you go eat a meal or snack. The average human should conserve about 2,000 calories a day. (Lewis Smith)


Are energy drinks bad for you?

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